Cannot be defeated: Progress Report

I have been missing-in-action for quite some time. Since I last wrote I have been busy starting up my own fitness business called Fitness 4 Living!! Since starting my business I have struggled with how to share my own personal issue with weight. I’ve even thought about shutting down my blog. However, this morning, I shared…… Continue reading Cannot be defeated: Progress Report

The more you practice, the more skillfull you become!

Stepping into a new month, new season and a good time to set a new fitness routine and goals. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a SKILL! Just like playing a sport–basketball, soccer, baseball and so on—an athlete needs to build the necessary skills to play. It takes time and practice to master the skills. A…… Continue reading The more you practice, the more skillfull you become!

ME vs. ME; my biggest fight!

How does one stop themselves from stopping themselves, when they are their own worst enemy? Well, if it’s true you should keep your enemies close, then this is as close as I can get. Me, myself and I!! The battle of the century.