I am a 40-something-vegetarian-dog-mom-wife, who really loves to run. That’s the basics.

Go a layer deeper and you will see that I have had a passion for fitness for most of my adult life. In my 20’s I worked as a personal trainer as a part time job. I loved getting groups of people together and helping them transform their bodies. As the years went on and different forms of online chat rooms and groups became available, I began several fitness groups on the World Wide Web. Connecting with people who had a similar interest– getting fit!

Now in the present, I still have this passion to share the fitness journey with others. I love helping people experience a better quality of life. And, I still run fitness groups online, now with the help of Facebook.  In 2017 I became a certified Group Fitness Instructor.  Began teaching classes in the Wellness Program for my employer and absolutely loved it!! I found a way for people to workout, sweat, burn calories and have fun–even adding a game here and there. Seeing people my age and beyond, laugh and act like kids again while they were doing amazing things for their bodies was a turning point. I knew what I needed to do!

I set out to create my own fitness business. I recently started Fitness 4 Living, LLC. I wanted to share that fitness could be fun with more people, not just co-workers.  I found a small space in town to rent and began advertising on social media. My passion is for all of us to realize the importance of taking care of our bodies as we age. See and feel the benefits of improving your balance and agility in our day to day lives. Experience that working out doesn’t have to be a chore–it can really be fun. In the process of improving how we function day to day, we lose weight and gain muscle. BONUS!!

I enjoy creating the workout plans, running my social media accounts and Facebook Groups. Helping people of all ages become the best they can be.

If we go even a layer deeper into who I am, I’m an only child who loves the freedom and alone time of long distance running. This love is DEEP in my soul.  Logging thousands of races from 5k to the Marathon in the past 20 years.  On the quest to log un-Godly miles and run further and further distances, unfortunate injuries have set this passionate runner on the sidelines. Rebuilding strength and the confidence to run again I find out I have Degenerative Disc Disease in my lower back. Still building strength and not willing to stop!! Finding that movement is the key!! I totally got this!!

Dig even deeper, you will find 6 sizes of me. The woman, who in the background of everything, has battled an eating disorder, depression, migraines and the ever-changing size of her waist. 6 sizes— to be exact. I have road the size train for far too long. I relate to many of my fitness class members. I can personally feel their pain and relate on many levels.

This blog is my final battle– no longer rotating through SIX SIZES. Finding my way through the world …  one fitness class at a time.


I live in teach in Cheyenne, WY. If you are in the area and would like to try out a class go to Fitness 4 Living to see a class schedule.



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