Focus on the next 5 minutes…

I’ve been sick for the past few days and all I could do was just focus on the here and now. The few minutes in front of me. Not work/projects left undone. Not exercise I’m missing. Nothing but the current moment.

I wake this morning feeling a lot better, realizing once again, that YES!! -life should be lived in the moment.  Not hyper-focusing on the future. Always planning, always micro-managing the unknown.  

I am essentially working 2 jobs at the moment. Trying to start my own fitness business and continuing my day job. This may have allowed my body to get run down. Thus, I was forced to rest. A well needed rest, I’m sure. So, now I move ahead with renewed perseverance. And hopefully a much stronger immune system!!

I have been hyper focused on the future. Planning my every step towards being a “Fit-Preneur”. It is exciting, I love every minute of it!! I love planning the classes, studying and learning new skills, running a challenge group and seeing people improve their health and well-being!! LOVE – LOVE!! And during all this I too am trying to improve my own health and well-being. Learning and growing in so many ways. Life is exciting!!

At the beginning of January I began a “new year, healthy you” challenge on my private FB group. We’ve been focusing on “clean eating” and regular exercise. We are taking baby steps to clean eating, implementing new habits every week. Instead of ‘change everything-over-night-we-begin-Monday!’ -kind of plan.

For myself I want, and extremely desire, to have a diet that is sustainable. I want:


I want this for all my clients and the women in my challenge group. I don’t want any of us to focus on the current eating “trends”, but to focus on our health and change our relationship with food. My goal for everyone and myself is to not have a life strapped around counting every little calorie/macro/gram. Or micro-manage every little bite you take. UGH!! That is not the way to live the next 30-40 years. The “clean eating” that I am doing may seem like just another one of the current trends, but I do feel really good when I eat real food versus packaged options.


Nutrition is a HUGE part to good health. If you want good health, you must include good quality food in your daily diet. Let’s go back to the focus on the next few minutes……… don’t worry about “what will I eat tonight??”  “or at the party?”  or “how do I avoid the food-pushers or my uncontrollable cravings”. Just focus on the NOW! Focus on how your body feels. Focus on the signals that your body gives you.

We all have an intuitive nature. Our bodies are screaming at us—or at least I know mine has/is!! We can be intuitive and tune in to the signals that our bodies are sending us. I know that if I eat poorly and drink alcohol, my face breaks out and my skin tone is sad. I feel sluggish and get headaches. I’m sure you have signals too.


To make 2018 our best year yet let us all focus on the here and now. Focus on our health. Take great care of ourselves and improve our well-being. Just breath!! Indulge in this moment, for it won’t come again. Time is ticking. Let us all begin to be more intuitive in our eating and how we care for ourselves. Listen to our bodies. Focus on movement and consistency in our exercise. Improve our motivation and a generally healthy eating pattern. May your daily diet be filled with good quality food and great variety!!

Let’s get started!!


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