Come and get me 2018, I’m going to make you my best year yet!

Ready or not, its coming! The turning of time has no end. The new year is quite dependable. It will always return, –every stinking year.

Each year begins the same and ends the same for me. I set out with my new weight loss goal for the coming year and end it with a few more gray hairs and wrinkles and my same weight issue.

Then why do I sit and plan out another year of trying to gain control of this elusive thing called weight loss??? Why or Why?? Well, I cannot stop the gray hairs or wrinkles but I CAN stop the waistline from expanding! YES< I CAN!!

New Year's Resolution


Millions of people have weight loss as their resolution. It generally ranks #1 as the top New Year’s Resolution, year after year. However, According to U.S. News, approximately 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February. GASP!


If you have set resolutions and have had them fail, you know all the usual excuses. As do I. Here are a few of mine:

  • No motivation
  • Too hard
  • I had to enter my kitchen
  • I just want to eat what everyone else eats
  • I want to sleep more/I didn’t sleep well/it’s nap time/my bed is warm
  • Too busy—-but never mind all that FB time!
  • My workout partner keeps canceling–so I sleep in!
  • I have to use knives in order to cook and well……….
  • I look fat in my workout clothes…….(you’ve said it too!!!)

These are just a few I “may” have used in the past. It’s good to look at the excuses. I can laugh at them, because yes most are silly, but they have a deep meaning to how I really operate as a person. You can get a glimpse at my personality by just reading this list. You can see quite quickly that I probably am not a good cook and that I like to NAP!!

After taking a deep breath and slapping my silliness in the face–I can see how lame my excuses are!! I can quite easily, see where I fall short. I can see why my resolutions don’t last.  I know exactly where I go wrong. OK—– THREE MORE DEEP BREATHS!!


dont fear failure fitness 4 living fitcamp


I do not want to wake up on another New Years Day with the same wish. “I’m going to get control of this weight this year”. “I’m going to actually fit the clothes in the far back corner of my closet by this time next year”. “I’m going to ……  BLAH-BLAH-BLAH!!

The time to think about is NOW! In this moment, I have big dreams on my platter of life. I am in love with teaching fitness classes. I am in love with running my own business. I am in love with helping others reach their personal fitness goals. I am in love with seeing people be active and have fun with it. I love how I feel when I workout. —-I am in love with my life. I come home to a wonderful home, filled with love. I have a great Hubster and 2 furry pets to dote over. PERFECTION!

I would love to continue my story with many more years of this love and happiness. As I teach others to pursue their healthy happiness, I know I need to pursue mine as well.

good things fitne 4 livingGood things are going to happen!! I am launching a New Year “Lean & Mean” challenge on my private FB fitness group. I’ve been doing monthly fitness challenges with this group for a year now. I am super excited for this one to begin, this is the first one to incoorporate more of a nutrition aspect.  I have mapped out 60 days of clean eating information and workouts for everyone to do at home. I will be doing the challenge right along with my group.

I have experienced clean eating and have done well with it. I believe eating “real” food is the key. I believe that cutting out the sugar and enjoying the process of preparing good, clean, healthy food for myself and my Hubster is the key to a healthy body. Plus, being active!!

Now instead of just speaking the talk, I must walk the walk. And, these {winter} boots were made for walking! Let’s WALK!

Comment and share what is your New Year’s Resolution, and what are your struggles?

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “Come and get me 2018, I’m going to make you my best year yet!

  1. Hi Lawna,

    Just to let you know, I am on a cookie diet. It’s very silly. It seems to be working out well. I eat 2 or 3 homemade cookies a day and eat healthy the rest of the day. LOL. I’ve been maintaining my weight, and I’ve been going to the gym (HIIT) for an hour group class 4 days a week.

    I am looking forward to cutting out the sugar… But for now, I am just in a “holding pattern”. A great example is that I had old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast, with a banana, a tiny bit of maple syrup, chia seeds and milk. Then for lunch, baked chicken thighs and brown rice with oranges. I’ll have a salad for dinner tonight. Cookies for a snack. I’ll be right around 1500 calories for the day and I burn around 300-400 calories at the gym.

    Have a great day!

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