There is a reason why Santa is not skinny!

What is it with this time of year and sugar-laden treats??? It’s a tradition to leave Santa cookies, it’s a tradition to have a cookie-exchange, and it’s tradition to attend several holiday parties and they all have high-calorie treats. Then there is the holiday booze!! Egg-nog??? Is egg-nog really on anyone’s diet plan? Why-OH-Why?!

How does a person trying to watch their weight survive the holiday season?  Thanksgiving to New Years is prime time for eating and celebrating. And, that eating is not always the healthy, I’m-trying-to-fit-in-my-jeans eating. I’ve heard that the average person gains 7-10 pounds during this time. Food is everywhere! It’s culturally accepted to indulge on all the treats, day after day, after day!

skinny-SantaThen, there is the stress that comes with this season as well. The stress can cause people to over-eat too. The caveman part of our brain likes the happy jolt that sugar brings so it draws us toward the goodies– not knowing that we are not ever going to be close to starvation. We SOOO do not need this primitive action any longer. Darn Caveman.

Fortunately, I have been staying somewhat near the same weight.  I do not weigh myself very often and it has been a few months. I prefer the waistband test. If my clothes are getting snug then I know I have been playing naughty. So, for the last month my pants are fitting just the same. I have indulged here and there on the goodies. Naughty-Naughty! I know! They are everywhere!

What has helped keep my waistline in check I believe is that I have been staying very persistent with my exercise.  A great help comes from teaching my Fitcamp classes. With six classes a week right now, I’m staying pretty active. Plus, I load up equipment and weights in my car, then unload, then load and so on and so on. I have also been keeping up with my daily walks with my dog. –She won’t allow me to skip those.

Christmas is just 9 days away. I’m nearly done with the gift shopping. Work parties are over. In 3 days I will be on Winter Break from my day job and so looking forward to daily naps!! I feel the stress of the holiday is easing and I am now preparing for the New Year.

The new year means New Year Resolutions. A fresh start for many with their diets and exercise. It’s that time when we all reflect on the past year and decide we will make the new year better. I’m busy working on a New Year Fitness challenge for my Fitcampers. Fine tuning the details and hoping to help others reach their fitness goals in 2018! And, so grateful I have them to help me reach mine.

Merry Fitness

Comment and share how do you manage the holiday goodies and the stress?





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