The more you practice, the more skillfull you become!

Stepping into a new month, new season and a good time to set a new fitness routine and goals.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a SKILL! Just like playing a sport–basketball, soccer, baseball and so on—an athlete needs to build the necessary skills to play. It takes time and practice to master the skills.

Building Skills
Build Skills to Succeed!

A person on a fitness journey will do the same. I know — from my own experiences, there will be lapses and relapses. Straying from even a well planned diet and exercise plan is not a failure or reason to give up—-I need keep getting back on track!


With this thought, I have had to take a look at my lifestyle right now. And, it needs a change. I have several skills I need to build to reach my true best potential.

I have not posted in quite some time. Sadly, I lost a family member just 2 weeks ago. I was blessed to spend the last moments with her. Blessed to have the majority of my family around to share these moments with. Life is so precious and the reality of how frail we are really sunk in.

During those last weeks with my loved one I made a new commitment to myself, that I will keep my health and well-being a first priority. To succeed in my lifestyle changes I need to be more physically active and make healthier food choices. Today, I recommit, I will change what needs to be changed and push on! I will build the necessary skills for the journey ahead.

Yesterday I did a 5k with a close friend and my husband. It was a beautiful trail run with margaritas served at the end.  I did a mix of walking and running. Felt good to get out and run a little. Renews my love of img_1385running. Need to add that back into my routine…..pronto.


Looking ahead:

Preparing my plan of attack —FAT ATTACK—BACK PAIN ATTACK—

  • Back issue yoga 3-4 times a week
  • Add in a 2nd walk with dog several days a week (2-3 days a week)
  • Begin a walk/run on treadmill 2-3 times a week
  • Food plan—80/20 goal of eating “real” food
  • Love thyself and forgive—- be badass!!

When not moving my body I will be studying for a Senior Fitness Specialist Certification. Been working on planning my next moves with helping others reach their fitness goals and live an active, healthy lifestyle. Looking for a rental space in town to do early morning classes. I currently teach a bootcamp style class 2 days a week for the wellness program through my employer, and I LOVE it. Want to expand on it and reach out into the Senior Fitness world. I love connecting with people. I love inspiring others and planning strategies to help others meet their goals.

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Now, it is time to help myself reach my own fitness goals. Health first.

Till we meet again, stay active and enjoy every moment you have.


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