Initiate Assault on Bad Habits

I have waged war on the fluctuating sizes of my fat cells. Operation live-in-one-size initiates “the assault on my bad habits”. To conquer my bad habits I will immediately commence The Task of the Week. —Sounds so official that I must follow through or fear there will be a bigger war waged upon me.

Before I head back to work I want to find a way to keep my current driven, motived mindset. After surfing the web last night –during an attempt to get super tired so I won’t hear the Hubster snore— I noticed a lot of weight loss pros agree with setting small goals. Taking small steps that will get you to your larger goal. The term used for this varies; goals, intention, chunking….they all lead to the same thing– success!

To reach my ultimate goal of weight loss and KEEP it off, I will have to travel down a long road, a long and windy road of forks (spoons and knives).  This big goal can be mentally taxing at times. To save my brain power, I agree with breaking down this long road into reasonable chunks.

Time to pull out the planner again. Since I am following a 12 week plan I can easy mark off the 4, 8 and 12 week marks. I can do some simple math and make a weight loss goal for each mark. I’m also beginning to run again and  following a couch to 5k training plan gives me an easy way to see how long I should be running at each 4 week mark too.

Now, let us move on to those bad habits!! I am willing to admit, I have a few. Unfortunately, a few that have the capability to completely derail my fitness goals. This is where I think implementing the Task of the Week will be very beneficial for my goal of living in one size.

Each week I will determine a task to follow for the week (and forever and ever). A task that will correct a bad habit. I will post “The Task of the Week” post once a week and share what I will be working on.

For this week I have chosen to go back to eating dinner at the dining table. We have a bad habit of eating in front of the TV. Which has led to very mindless eating. Dinner is done and I cannot remember putting any of it in my face.

Image result for eat at the dinner table
My cat and dog would love to sit at the table too!


Last night I cooked–really cooked—my mom would be so shocked!! A healthy Shrimp Linguine concoction I mixed from Pinterest ideas and just throwing things together. (it’s why I’m not the best in the kitchen). I asked The Hubster if we could eat at the table, without telling him my plan to correct my bad habits. He enthusiastically agreed, because he has always preferred to eat at the table. I’m the one that goes to the couch and he would follow. —-my reasoning was: the news was always on during dinner!! (insight into my world-I love to watch the news)

So, there we were eating dinner……an edible dinner– that I created. OK–well, it turned out to be a bit too spicy but we ate it and didn’t die! I was feeling very satisfied in my efforts to feed my man, enjoying conversation and connecting. It was quite relaxing. I found that I ate slower and truly enjoyed the face to face meal time with The Hubster. It was like a date—-we haven’t eaten dinner together, just the 2 of us, at our table in about 4 years!! This could be good for our marriage too. BONUS!

Image result for families that eat together stay togetherOne night down with my new task challenge and I feel extremely accomplished!! Maybe I will win this battle!

Till next time, I encourage everyone to sit with your family, shut off the TV and cell phones and act like its 1989! (without all the hairspray)




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