Sundays are for Meal Prepping!

The kitchen: friend or foe?? The kitchen at my house is both. There is an on-going love/hate relationship with me and the kitchen. I love to eat—food is in the kitchen. I hate to cook, (and horrible at it) which means quick and go foods can make up the majority of my diet. I want to loose some of the extra fat cells that are accumulating up around my mid-section—which means I need to be mindful of what I eat. My life is about to get very busy, time to plan ahead and do that “meal prep” thing!

In 4 days I will be ending my beloved summer vacation and heading back to work. No more free time to cook dinner. No more eating lunch whenever it feels right. I will be living on a strict schedule. Lunch will be eaten at the same exact time everyday. Dinners will be squeezed into a hectic schedule of volunteer work and teaching fitness classes, so they need to be easy and quick!!

To stick with my healthy nutrition plan I need to invest the time on Sunday’s to prep for the week ahead. When things get busy and hectic it’s hard to come home and prepare a healthy dinner. Pizza delivery is fast and painless…….until I can’t button my jeans.

Time to pull out the planner and look ahead.

my plannerAfter looking at the week ahead, I decide how many dinners I need to plan. Look at what veggies I will be able to harvest from the garden and incorporate those into our meals. Next, I have to run my meal ideas by that dude of the house and see what ideas he has. We live in a carnivore/vegetarian household, so he likes to add a meat option to a few meals for himself to keep  up his tough-guy-carnivore card.

meal plan

Then it’s time to lay it all out and make the grocery list. I would usually have my lunch options on here too but I have already prepped for those.

For this coming week, I picked very easy things to make, the only thing I will need to make ahead of time for dinners is a batch of spaghetti. Usually, I will make up quinoa, rice, or potatoes during my Sunday prep time. Doing so really saves time during the week when those items are needed for a certain meal.

“Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch?”

For Lunches I have made up “Skinny Summer Chickpea Salad”. Using several veggies from my garden. I tend to get a lot of my recipes from Pinterest. This salad is one of many of my go-tos for work lunches. Easy to prep, can be made in a big batch and put into several containers for a grab and go lunch. Click here for the recipe: Skinny Summer Chickpea Salad

For this quick and easy salad you just throw all the ingredients in one big bowl, stir and enjoy!!! My kind of cooking. Although, I do have to cut up a few items…

cutting skills.JPG

These fresh items I cut up came from my very own garden…….. I LOVE SUMMER!!

making salad               finished salad







Yummy fresh real ingredients. And Simple!!

The final step for this simple prep is to divide the salad into serving sizes and place in containers. When I am heading out the door for work I just grab and go. I do love to add avocado to my salads too, for the added nutrients and protein and well, Avo’s are just down right yummy!!!

This week’s meal prep was very simple. As the weeks go on and my schedule fills up it will get harder and harder to make time for this. Especially on weekends where we go out of town. As the stress starts to invade my world I am more apt to forgo the meal planning and my healthy food choices. Opting for anything I can just throw in the microwave. I am choosing to not fall into that trap again. That’s how the winter weight just keeps on creeping on. I will need to do some serious planning ahead to stay on track this time.

Besides just being meal prep day, this is also day 13 of my Transformed plan. I did not skip any workouts this past week and feel pretty darn good about that. Yesterday, was almost one of those I’ll-just-skip-who-cares kind of day. I dragged my sorry booty down the stairs and did the workout at about 6:30 pm. Working out at night after dinner is not something that I would have done in the past. It would have been easy to just skip, but not easy to face my self-loathing. Learning more and more about myself and getting stronger in the process. On my way to living in just ONE SIZE!!

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