Progress Report: Day 10

Today I crossed off day 10 on the calendar. 10 down, 74 to go. I have an urge to race through this, but that’s a futile urge! There is no racing through — Fitness is a journey.

In the beginning of a long journey it’s hard to visualize the end. Seems like I have years to go. Best to break down the big goal into chunks. Weekly goals are a must! This way I can see some success a long the way. This week, I need to survive the weekend. Which means— FOLLOW THE PLAN ALL WEEKEND!!!

Stick to a task until it sticks to you!

The next goal I have set is to follow a 12 week plan for overall fitness. With this, I can count down the days. Cross off workouts on the calendar for an instant visual of the progress. This also gives a sense of a finish line ahead. My 12 week goal is to dump a few sizes in my closet. I want to pull out a size 10 on day 84!!! Which by the way, is October 30th.

To reach this goal I have to stick to the plan. Since my hiatus this past weekend, I have done well. I am down 3 pounds. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but have you ever looked at a pound of butter???? I just dropped 3 of those!!  Done all the workouts and watching what and how much I eat. I am enjoying the strength training workouts. They usually take about 30-35 min. I wake up sore the next day and love it!!! Right now in the first month, I am doing full body strength workouts 3 days a week.

Building Strength in The Sweat Pit

There are also 2 days of cardio and one “bonus’ workout. The bonus is a mix of body weight strength exercises with cardio moves. These workouts will change over the next 12 weeks.

This week for cardio I did some running on my treadmill. Haven’t been running for a while due to injuries and pain. I’ve been seeing a Physical Therapist for low back issues (the official diagnosis is Degenerative Disc Disorder) to building strength. He gave me the go ahead to run a little. Pulled out a Couch to 5K plan and followed the first day. Felt good to get on the treadmill and stretch the legs.  I love running!!!

Image result for love of running

Starting with this blog post I will be posting my current stats from here on out. Not an easy thing to do, mind you!! However, I feel it is a necessary step in this journey. To know where I began, I can then only know how far I had come.

Current Stats:  Starting weight: 182.4; Current Weight: 179.4; Body Fat: 34%; Current Size: 14; Goal size: 8

Feel free to comment below with your tips or questions. This is a journey I cannot do alone. In my next post, I will be discussing meal planning and how to create appetizing, healthy food when I have no kitchen skills. The struggle is real.

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