The Weekend Vortex; Fitness Predicament

What happens when summer, a lake, warm sunshine,  a boat, lots of friends, and cool beverages come together on a weekend? They churn together and create an intense need to have it NEVER end.  When this happens in my world, I enjoy every tiny nano-second of it. Any thought of getting up early to exercise and cutting calories are quickly thrown into a black hole of denial. In the vortex, I’m living in the moment and planning to deal with the consequences when they come.

The fun I have hasn’t involved good, clean healthy food in a long time. I also tend to enjoy a few too many of those cool beverages. These choices make for a complete derail of the diet. I didn’t fall off the wagon this last weekend, I jumped. It was a choice.

Bad choices make good stories, right???

In this case, I may have fun memories and stories to share with my friends, but it didn’t help get me towards my transformation goal.

Image result for making a bad choice

Due to my weekend of lake fun, I missed 2 workouts and ingested too many calories.

This is not a complete fail, more of a slight setback. It is also a chance for me to realize that I need to change what I am doing in order to see results. I cannot keep doing what I have been doing and expect to see changes in my body.

Day 5 of the Transformed 12 week plan discussed the effects of alcohol on a fitness transformation. Alcohol brings extra calories, impairs your judgement to make good food choices and impairs recovery and fitness gains. The Transformed plan allows 1-2 drinks, 1-2 times a week, but suggest none at all for the best results. Should have read this before my lake weekend.

Where do I go from here? I do not beat myself up. I made the choices with full awareness of the consequences. My couple days of fun will prolong my transformation, I do know this. I also know that I have the rest of my life to transform.

“Transformation is more about unlearning, than learning.” -Richard Rohr

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