Yes, my gym is called The Sweat Pit

I have a little corner of my basement dedicated to the sole-purpose of SWEATING!! Isn’t an unfinished basement just a pit, anyway? Thus, the name, The Sweat Pit!!! (my she-cave)

Nothing complicated. However, the motivation involved with using the space is beyond what I was born with. There are days I need lightning to hit me to push me through the floor and get down to the PIT! That’s complicated!

Over the years I’ve had many memberships to several local gyms. Some were awesome national chains where I could sweat in a sauna, dip in a pool, get my nails done and have lunch. All under one roof and maybe get in a good workout. A couple of gyms I’ve been a member to were no more than a hole in the wall with a few hand weights to throw around.  I often thought that I could just do this stuff at home, with less money and not have to have a conversation with every morning person in the gym —- SCREAM!!! —- I am a morning workout kind of person, which means I always get there before coffee, thus making it NOT the time to talk to me.

I have had simple make-shift gyms at home. Which started out as VHS videos. Then a step, then a few hand weights. Moved beyond the living room and had a spare room/gym before. Even had my treadmill in the garage and hammered out lots of miles with the lawn mower next to me. —-which, by the way, does not try to chat with me.

Move to present time. Couple of years ago my husband and I,  moved into a home with an unfinished basement. All my accumulated workout equipment and the beloved treadmill went straight to the basement. The Pit!! The makings of a badass home gym were taking hold.

Unfortunately, our lovely new home is sitting on an old swampy pond. With four sump pumps working year round, we have decided that completely finishing the pit would be a disaster waiting to happen.

You can throw in the towel, or use it to wipe the sweat off your face!

So, how do I make this an inviting place to workout in? It was just a raw basement with the hum of machines flushing water away from my foundation!! I truly wanted a place that would be inviting to be in. Motivating to exercise in. Bright, rugged and raw!! Like a warehouse gym. With all the stainless steel and concrete. Where sweat can fly around in and it’s perfectly OK. And, where swearing during burpees is encouraged. These ideas floated around in my head until I finally had the full vision.

Last summer I spent about a month “finishing” the pit and turning it into a bright, rugged and raw space for me to sweat in. THE SWEAT PIT was becoming a gym.

Painting the walls
Curtain Rods
Working Hard
The beginnings of a wall

The process was a lot of fun. My dad helped out with cutting the metal sheets. I chose not to paint the ceiling because……..well, that would be a lot of darn work!! Someday, I will conquer that. But, it does have that raw feeling I was looking for.


The finished pit! My favorite part about my personal she-cave, is the photos of races I have done with friends and the memories of big running races I have trained for. These things make my heart happy. They make the space inviting and a happy place for me.

Love the metal walls



After placing these on the wall, I realized that I have the same hat on in all 3 races and have a purple shirt on in all of them.


Advice from myself, to myself!!! 5k in San Fransisco, CA
The top photo is my husband and I. My all time favorite race photo. Also,  my first obstacle course race.
This is right next to my treadmill. When the miles get long and boring on the treadmill, I can look over and be reminded of what this treadmill time is good for. The Colorado Marathon was a beautiful and amazing Marathon!!
TIRES!! Glorious tires!! With great friends, makes it even better.

Today, I went down into the pit. The Sweat Pit. I lifted weights, repeatedly. Worked up a good sweat. Sang loudly to my favorite songs. Possibly slipped a swear word! Snapchatted a video of a classic 80’s song from You Tube. It was wonderful!! A lot of these things could not be done in a public gym—-well, they could be done……

But should they?

Love a good home gym!!

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