Keep Calm and Make a Plan

“You must plan for success, not hope to get there by chance.”

“A goal without a plan is just a dream.”

I could dream all day about how I wish to be a size 6, wish I was 21 again, wish the weather to always be sunny and warm. Wishing doesn’t make any of these come true. However, I can work on the size thing.

Not that I really want to be a 6. I would be very happy with a steady 10. In order to make this happen I must make a plan! A Plan?? But, what plan? There are thousands of dieting and exercise plans out there. Sadly, I have tried them all. I’ve counted the points, had special diet food delivered to my door, restricted fat, carbs, sugar–blah, blah, blah!! Then, when it comes to exercise I’ve tried all those fads too.

As you can see, there has been a pattern in my life. Get frustrated with my current state of being. Feeling a little extra bounce of fluff as I run, my long oval face starts to become a wide square, can’t bend over to reach for things in a low cupboard without being winded and getting a cramp, and the usual final straw— seeing a photo that truly reveals what I happily had been ignoring in the mirror! So, I start the latest fad in diet and exercise, go strong, put in 110%, lose some weight, feel good and then something will derail me. An illness, injury, vacation, full moon, winter—- whatever it is — I fall off the plan, get out of the routine of exercising and start eating all my favorite naughty foods and I’m back to pre-diet weight and a few times even bigger than that. This is where I have to enter in the word, CRAP!!! It’s all crap! 

Time to move on, my dear!

Twenty plus years of this roller coaster ride has made me skeptical of anything new that comes out. I dig deep into any plan that crosses my path. I do the research, I study all that I can. I’m very interested in how our body responds to exercise and to different kinds of foods. I know what is truly good for the body and I still love to be a couch potato, eat my naughty favs and down a cold brews. (Or 5) –don’t judge.

Move on, my dear! This keeps repeating in my head! Move on! Nothing will change if you keep doing the same thing. I half heartedly have been digging into Pinterest and the Google land, searching for my new plan—- but a plan that is not really a plan. If that makes any sense?? Not a new fad, not a guarantee-to-loose-10-pounds-by-bedtime plan, not a take-this-pill (or powder) plan. Been there done that, moving the (insert swear word) on!!

The plan I stumbled upon and have decided to follow is weirdly, from a bodybuilding site. Actually found it by accident while scanning Pinterest. One click, led to a couple of links and there was the plan. Transformed.

Click here to see the planImage result for transformed by dymatize logo


Yes, it’s a plan. A 12-week-to-a-better-you plan. Yes, I was skeptical. Do I need another plan? I can do this on my own………but wait, have I done it on my own? NO!! What interested me in this program is the App for my phone, well planned and put together strength training plans, and the nutrition part isn’t a big hassle of complicated kitchen skills that I do not possess. The nutrition is following the 40/40/20 of macros (Protein, Carbs, Fat) and logging your food in a calorie counting app to keep track. There are motivational videos and how-to videos for the workouts and nutrition. The downside to this plan, they promote their supplement line. I am ignoring all that. (don’t powder or pill me people)


Here’s the true plan I have set:

  • Print Workout Calendar
  • Download App-set up stats (weight, body fat, and goals)
  • Watch the videos for motivation
  • Log the items that pass my lips
  • Make commitment to workout and log food—NO bleeping excuses!!!
  • Workout 6 days a week


I printed the workout calendar and placed in my home gym (which is affectionately called THE SWEAT PIT) so I can cross off the workouts as I go. The visual is beneficial for this brain of mine. I have downloaded their app on my phone and iPad. The workouts and videos are all in the app. The app is very easy to use and I love the tracking of progress that it offers. That I will gladly use daily. For the nutrition part, I really like how the food tracking in the Fitbit app works. It uses my activity for the day to determine my caloric need. It will also, show the macro percentages of each meal. Then I can follow the 40/40/20 plan. I am really not good at continually logging everything I eat, so this will be a challenge. It does help for me to see what and how much I am eating and where I am lacking in nutrients. I’m a vegetarian and it is real easy to become a Carb-otarian. (cinnamon rolls are vegetarian!!)

The first video I watched said the workouts are NON-NEGOTIABLE!!! That hit home. Yes, it is important to be consistent, I understand that. I need to be consistent with my nutrition as well. Logging my meals needs to be non-negotiable too.

I am on Day 2 of this 12-week plan. Day 1 was strength training and I hit The Sweat Pit. Cranked up the music and pounded out the reps and sets. (note: woke up sore–it worked) Day 2 was cardio. I have been teaching a bootcamp style workout at a local park called Fitcamp with Lawna on Monday and Wednesdays.  It’s a way for me to get more experience in group fitness training since I am newly certified. (more info on that in an upcoming post) I offer it for free, so I have been doing the workouts with the group. That was my cardio for today.  A fun, good sweat with amazing women.

Before I end, I need to say that and the Transformed by Dymatize are not paying me to follow their plan, write about or review it. I post the link so that you may look at what I am following. I am not bias. I believe that one plan does not fit all. We all have different needs. The best plan, is the one you stick with!!

Tomorrow is Day 3, a Full Body Strength Training day and I have Physical Therapy.

Translation: Plan, Work, Sweat and be sore and happy!

One thought on “Keep Calm and Make a Plan

  1. Hi Lawna!
    You can do this! You have a plan 🙂 I completely agree with your approach. Not too excited when people try to sell me shakes and protein bars but if they have a great meal plan and exercise videos… Go for it!


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